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is a 21st century fable, proposing the possibility of living within the natural world, safely, intelligently and with grace.


A story for adults of all ages.


The population of Ooolandia (a world much like our own but with an extra "O") is hypnotized by the culture of MORE. Citizens of all kinds and colors go about their lives unaware that hidden in the fog of everydayness a great calamity is approaching.


Banshooo, an amazingly mindful monkey, works for the Ooolandian Department of Nature where he has amassed data proving, beyond any doubt, that the natural world is losing the stability necessary to sustain life. Unfortunately, his warnings are ignored by the authorities who are planning to phase out nature altogether.


Freaky winds, icy earthquakes, and mutant anemones plague the landscape. After a wildly devastating storm, Banshooo has a vision revealing the connection between Ooolandia and the Unseen World -- a connection that lies deep within and far beyond all that is seen. This connection is vital to Ooolandia's survival, and it is fraying. He realizes he must take radical action. Along with his quirky sidekick (a one-off of unique appearance whose primary interest is snacking), he sets out on a journey beyond the surface of the Seen to bring back proof of the true nature of nature.



Click here to read an Interview with Patricia J. Anderson. 



Reader Reviews 

"I found I couldn't put it down... I loved the characters too. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who likes to read something a bit different."    


"I had no idea what I might find inside this book but from the moment I read the prologue, I was already enjoying it ... The writer has succeeded in sustaining the curiosity of the reader throughout the story. While keeping us looking forward to what might happen next, it sometimes will have the reader reflecting on their own behaviour, and their real place in the web of life."  



"Terrific read. Wonderful, engaging and thoughtful book...also a page-turner!"     


"I am ASTOUNDED at just how accurately Patricia has depicted our current world, and with animals as protagonists! The novel also deals with racism, power and injustice in the corporate world, morality and a handful of other topics as well ... a mix of Animal Farm, Alice in Wonderland, and a smidgen of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy."  


"The writing is both witty and poetic... a wonderful read, so timely."