Patricia J Anderson


photo by Dion Ogust
I like writing about the big subjects. Iíve written about belief, about death, about finding comfort and help for one another at times of great loss. I believe weíre looking at a big moment right now. We have created a false reality based on an empty object in which we've invested all the value in our world. It's called "money" and it's consuming everything else. We've reached a point where we must say: "There are things we do and needs we have that cannot be defined or determined by money. These have to do with our humanity and our mutual dependence, with our relationship to one another and the earth we live on. No matter what the situation or what the potential profit, we contend that human beings are more valuable than money."

Patricia J Anderson was born in the California Bay Area. Her first published essay appeared in The Oakland Tribune. She was 11. She tried hard not to be a writer but there are some things in life you just can't do anything about. You are what you are.

Patriciaís books include All of Us, a critically acclaimed investigation of cultural attitudes and beliefs, and Affairs In Order, which was named the best reference book of the year by Library Journal. Her work has been published in numerous periodicals such as The Sun, Tricycle, Chronogram, Ars Medica, Glamour Magazine, and Rewire Her short stories include Faster Than a Speeding Bullet, Snowfall, and The Last Message.

She attended San Francisco State College and the University of California at Berkeley and began her professional career as an editorial assistant at the University of California Press and then as a production and editorial assistant at KRON-TV News in San Francisco, eventually hosting radio talk and interview programs at KPFA-FM, Berkeley and CKGM-FM, Montreal. As a partner in ZBS Media, a radio production company, she wrote and produced a wide range of both commercial and noncommercial programming including documentaries on Ken Kesey, Keith Jarrett, Joseph Campbell and Eric Idle.

She is co-author of Taking Charge, a marketing and management "how-to" book for nonprofit organizations. Articles for trade publications and journals include: Money and Madness: Fundraising in the Arts and A History of Philanthropy in the West.

Patricia has produced exhibition, kiosk and website copy for such institutions as the American Museum of Natural History and the Capital Children's Museum. She is the editor of Craig Barberís Vietnam journal, Ghosts in the Landscape. She lives in New York's Hudson Valley.

Featured Work

Human beings tell stories. Itís how we understand ourselves and the world in which we live. Money is a story. We conjured it, we named it, and then we made it real by agreeing together that it be so.

Today, money has become so fundamental to all we do, it seems a metaphysical reality, existing beyond us and out of our control.

Is it, truly, bigger than we are, or might we rewrite the story of money?