Patricia J Anderson

Whether its the speech of a world leader broadcast to millions or your own sweet self reading alone, writing creates our shared reality.

It makes ideas visible, envisions the future and explains the past. It shapes our thinking and provokes change. We learn and grow.

Writing comforts us and keeps us. It holds our history, explores our pain, gives voice to that which was hidden, and reminds us of the possibility that we could be happy and good.

The potential of human consciousness is vast and promising. Despite the mess weve made of things so far, we might still fulfill that potential. In all the languages, in all the races, in all the cultures, in all the worlds, we hold the same hope for this redemption It Is Written.

Featured Work

Human beings tell stories. Its how we understand ourselves and the world in which we live. Money is a story. We conjured it, we named it, and then we made it real by agreeing together that it be so.

Today, money has become so fundamental to all we do, it seems a metaphysical reality, existing beyond us and out of our control.

Is it, truly, bigger than we are, or might we rewrite the story of money?