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Welcome to Ooolandia, a world very much like our own, but with an extra “O.” In this world, the feathered, the furred, the scaled, the shelled, the shorn, and the nearly naked all live and die, sometimes together, sometimes apart. They are divided by species and distracted by design, mindlessly hypnotized by the culture of MORE. And why not? Who doesn’t want MORE? MORE things, MORE excitement, MORE beer. MORE stuff for everyone!


But hidden in the fog of everydayness, a great calamity is approaching. Birds fall from the sky, frogs are born with two heads, and failing fir trees plague the landscape. Waterfalls stop falling, grasslands become dust bowls, the oceans rise over shorelines never flooded before, and whole species disappear without a trace. This is not good.


Trying to raise the alarm is Banshooo, head of the Ooolandian Department of Nature. (Okay, so he’s a monkey, but he’s a very smart monkey.) He and his colleague, Sukie, have amassed data proving, beyond any doubt, that the natural environment has become dangerously unhinged. Unfortunately, they are the ones branded as dangerously unhinged. They’re fired and their warnings are ignored by the Ooolandian authorities who are planning to phase out nature altogether.


When the bees die and the moon disappears, some begin to wonder if MORE might not be all it’s cracked up to be, but the authorities step in and reassure the populace. The MORE Laboratories create mechanical bees and mount a massive project to engineer and launch a synthetic moon. A moon they can count on. A moon they can control. Ooolandians cheer.


After an especially devastating storm, Banshooo has a shocking vision revealing the vital connection between Ooolandia and the Unseen World. Critical to Ooolandia’s survival, this connection is fraying, faster and more completely with every moment. Time is running out.


In desperation, Banshooo decides to follow a very unusual map that fell on his head and knocked him cold, (not the most promising start but the map has an unexpected audio component that Banshooo finds strangely reassuring.) He and his quirky sidekick, Taboook, make their way to the edges of the known world where they pass through The Last Gate and into The Mythic, a realm to which the myths have migrated because they can’t survive where their stories are dismissed as lies.


There, they meet a bibballooon, a great elephantine creature who goes up. High. He takes them to One More Mountain, a sanctuary for misfits, wanderers, and those on the run. They receive cryptic advice from a rebel raccoon named Raoul and Banshooo is about to put the clues together when, due to an unfortunate mishap with the map, he and his buddy become the fast-food choice of a massive carnivore who chases them to the edge of death, which turns out to be a one-way ticket to the quantum realm and you can’t come back from there.


Wait. Did we mention The Image? It reveals the most profound and dazzling reality within which all of life is lived; the very reality that holds within it your own heart’s breath. If this Image can be streamed on every screen, every device throughout Ooolandia, it will create a shift in awareness that would change everything; an awareness that would encourage the newest, most radical advance possible – a conscious and informed partnership with the physical reality in which we live.


Will the Image be transmitted in time to stop the unraveling? Will Ooolandians come to venerate the natural world that has given them birth; to respect that which is beyond their comprehension?


Nah. Really, how likely is that??


Let’s face it. They don’t stand a chance.


Or do they?


Do we?





Threshold Available from:

Common Deer Press